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DeVry University
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Houston, TX 77041

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Department Telephone Directory

Academics Support Center 713-973-3070
Admissions 713-973-3000
Career Services 713-973-3036
IT Help Desk 713-973-3089
Library 713-973-3138
Registrar 713-973-3136
Student Central 713-973-3066
Student Services 713-973-3041
VA POC 713-973-3065

If You Want...

Academic Advisement Student Central
Attendance Information Student Central
Billing Information Student Central
Career Counseling Career Services
Car Pools Student Services
Course or Program Changes Student Central
Financial Aid Assistance Student Central
Part-Time Employment. Student Services
Personal Counseling Referrals Student Services
Something Not On List Student Central
Student Activities/Clubs Student Services
Transcript Transfer Information
   (To a DeVry location) Registrar
   (To a non-DeVry location) Registrar
Tutorial Services Academic Support Center
Veterans Information VA POC
Withdrawal from a Course Student Central
Withdrawal from School Student Services

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